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How do I fight with burnout

Posted on:September 14, 2023 at 08:24 PM

Lately, I’ve been struggling with professional burnout and the resulting depression. It feels like a lot has piled up on me — several unsuccessful contracts have led to significant financial losses, there’s tension in my family relationships (yes, even after 17 years of marriage, this can happen), and I’ve been questioning if I’m living my life right. I’ve noticed that I’ve been:

To address this issue, I’ve successfully adopted an approach that I’d like to share with you, which might prove helpful to some.

I’ve meticulously scheduled my day using the Reminders app on my iPhone. It looks something like this:

8:00 AM - Wake up.
8:10 AM - Brush teeth and wash up.
8:15 AM - Drink a glass of water (since we can't replenish our body's fluids at night).
8:20 AM - Workout.
8:50 AM - Meditation (thanks to Apple Fitness+).
9:00 AM - Dog walk.
9:30 AM - Breakfast and watching lectures on YouTube (I have a whole collection of lectures to watch).
10:30 AM - Sort through emails and messages in messaging apps.
11:00 AM - Work calls - project updates, client reports.
2:30 PM - Midday workout - just 20 push-ups or burpees.
3:00 PM - Lunch, then back to work.
7:00 PM - Evening dog walk.
8:00 PM - Evening workout.
11:00 PM - Reading a book.
11:50 PM - Brush teeth.
12:00 AM - Sleep.

Here are some key points I’d like to emphasize:

I hope this relatively simple approach helps you steer clear of depression and burnout.

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